Your Journey with Katie Bell

Katie's mission is to Empower others to Transform mind, body, and spirit to Grow into a free and healthy life. 

What People are Saying about Katie...

"Katie's yoga class at my gym has honestly changed my life in every way.  Her class is filled with such inspirational and motivational guidance that it truly changes my mindset to one of total self confidence, peace, optimism and the desire to take every moment of every day and make it count." -Donna S.
"I always feel positive and at ease after hearing from Katie." - Dawn P.
"Have you seen Katie's Newsletter?  It's great, I love it!" -Stacy F.

Happy Healthy You

Happiness and health can be difficult in our world today.  Everything is changing so quickly and there are so many conflicting viewpoints.  This free 7 day course is designed for you to find that health and happiness in your Life.  With Katie guiding you on this journey, you are sure to create the life you desire!

Essential Oils

One of the most powerful tools nature gave us.  Essential Oils have gain a huge following in the past few years.  Katie will guide you through the basics in this free 5 day course.  She created this course to empower others to take a natural approach to health.  Join the Essential Oil movement today!


Check out Katie's Yoga videos and Yoga exploration posts.  Yoga is all about freedom.  Let Katie guide you on your yoga journey.  Coming soon is a 7 day Yoga Challenge. Until then start your practice with a 10-20 minute video.  Begin exploring what yoga can do for you!

Who is Katie Bell?

Katie is a mom, a wife, a yogi, and an entrepreneur.  She has been lost, confused, depressed and she found a way to create a life of freedom and joy.  No not every moment is filled with laughter.  Katie has balanced her life.  and now that she has created that balance in her life she is passionate about guiding others to do the same.  Learn more about Katie's Journey on the About page. You may also enjoy reading her posts.  Some of her favorites are below. 

These are some of my favorite posts I thought you might enjoy...

  • 15 minute Energizing Morning Yoga - Do you ever wake up dragging your feet out of bed?  I sure do.  Take 15 minutes to energize your morning with this fun yoga practice.  Set an intention for you day and start out feeling great!
  • Thoughts for Thursday: Declutter Your Life - In our world today we walk through life with so much placed on our shoulders.  In every aspect of life we can feel cluttered.  Cluttered with thoughts, cluttered with choices, cluttered with physical possessions, cluttered with events….To feel free in life seems impossible with all the clutter.  Its time to let go of the clutter and free ourselves. 
  • Modern Day Healthy Helper - Were you a 80s and 90s kid?  Do you remember Hamburger Helper, it was a classic in my home growing up.  And it was one of my favorites.  Since then I have learned a ton about food, nutrition and being healthy.  Experimenting with old classics and turning them into a healthy meal has become so fun for me and I love to share what I find.  So this is my newest update on an old Classic Modern Day Healthy Helper... 
  • Tips for Creating a Routine - I’ve got two kids, one under a year and one over.  I’ve got two dogs, one puppy and one adult.  A house and a husband to care for.  Let’s not forget taking care of myself and oh yea my business!  Now that is a lot to take care of in just one day.  And some of you reading this have more on your plate and some of you may have less.  Either way it doesn’t matter we all have the thought of how do I make it through the day without going crazy and pulling my hair out…how do I check everything off my list…How do I accomplish things...